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My (Travel) Bucket List 9 December 2019

Remember the 2007 movie The Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? If you don't, it was about two men who were diagnosed with cancer and given a certain amount of time left to live. So they wrote down a list of things that they wanted to do before they died and set off to do them, one by one. Their list included things like "kiss the most beautiful girl in the world" and "laugh until your belly aches", but many of the items related to visiting amazing places on Earth - the pyramids, Mount Everest and so on.

I was inspired by that movie to create my own travel bucket list which I am also steadily crossing off. My list contains both natural and man-made objects or experiences, but I do not include entire cities or countries - an item must be a specific place or thing. So "Cape Town" may be beautiful but it doesn't qualify; on the other hand I could have included "Table Mountain". So here's my list (move your mouse over the name of an item to see a picture of it):

Place Country Visited
Machu Picchu Peru June 2010
The Inca Trail Peru June 2010
The Great Wall China July 2012
Angkor Wat Cambodia July 2006
The Pyramids Egypt
Taj Mahal India
Petra Jordan October 2008
Stonehenge England August 1987
Lord's Cricket Ground England September 1987, June 1995
Wembley Stadium England September 1990
Wimbledon (the tennis
   tournament, not the suburb)   
England June 1995
Cornwall's coastal path England
The Channel Tunnel England/France   
The Louvre France October 1990
The Great Barrier Reef Australia May 2001
The Empire State Building USA May 1995
The Florida Keys USA May 1995, May 2002
The Grand Canyon USA
Niagara Falls USA/Canada June 1995
The Berlin Wall Germany May 1998
The Karakoram Highway Pakistan/China
The Annapurna Circuit Nepal October 2016
The Midnight Sun Norway June 1998
Red Square in Moscow    Russia
The Trans-Siberian Railway    Russia
Camino de Santiago
   de Compostela
Spain/France May 2018
The Panama Canal Panama
Tierra del Fuego Argentina/Chile
Okavango Delta Botswana
Zimbabwe Ruins Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls Zimbabwe/Zambia    June 2019
St Peter's & The Vatican Italy October 1987
Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius Italy
The Cinque Terra Italy

You may disagree and that's OK - this is MY list, subject to change without notice. I'm enjoying visiting these places and will continue to tick them off as long as I'm able.

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