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Home 15 May 2023
Me (Paul), my wife (Karen) and son (Scott)
outside Machu Picchu in Peru in 2010
Me (Paul) and my wife (Karen)
on the Great Wall of China in 2012

Welcome to Paul Kilfoil's World of Travel, Technology and Sport. This site is a forum for a variety of things that interest me (and which may or may not interest you) ; the menu on the left tells you the kind of stuff you'll find here. The date that each page was last updated is shown on the top right, so you can quickly see if it's a load of old rot or something fairly new.

[February 2020] Note : I have removed some photographs from this site as a safety measure, because recently a well-known international media company came at me with an aggressive attitude, a big stick and threats of legal action - apparently I had used one of their photographs on my web site without permission. That was SIX YEARS ago, I could not remember where I got the photograph and I derived zero benefit from its use, but they still demanded punitive and extortionate damages from me. Despite my (in my opinion) very reasonable explanation I was forced to pay up or get my own lawyer to fight what would probably have turned out be a very expensive battle. So to be safe I have deleted every picture that I'm not sure about, meaning that many of the pages here contain "broken image" links. Sorry about that; I hope to fix them all but it will take time.

I use this site for my somewhat irregular blogs ... when I'm home, that is. If I'm away travelling (which is as often as possible, but unfortunately less than I'd like to), I keep an up-to-date travelogue while I'm on the road, then when I get back I flesh it out and add photographs. You can look at any of these travelogues (from as far back as 1987) here. My most recent international trip was a 9779 kilometre journey through six countries in Southern Africa in 2019, and in 2021 I did a 2841 kilometre road trip from Cape Town to Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. In June 2023 I'm going to Turkey for four weeks, a fair portion of which time will be spent hiking the Lycian Way from Fethiye to Kas on the Mediterranean Coast.

If you don't want to keep checking back to see if I've posted new or updated travelogues, you can subscribe to an RSS Feed of my travelogues.

The pictures on this page are from my 2004 Western Europe, 2006 South-East Asia, 2010 South America and 2012 China travelogues. The two on the left were taken near Machu Picchu in Peru and on the Great Wall of China, the one on the right near Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the one at the bottom outside the old city of Carcassonne in France.

Me (Paul), my wife (Karen) and son (Scott)
outside Angkor Wat in Cambodia in 2006

Want more pictures? You can watch a slide show of some of my travel photos taken since 1987, or look at a list of these photos if you prefer (and choose the ones you want to look at).

I also keep the latest version of Compu-Sport on this site - this is a shareware Sports Statistics computer system which can be used to record and analyse data from a variety of sports (rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis and formula 1 motor racing). I designed it, wrote it and maintain it ; you can download it free from here.

Enjoy browsing, and come back again soon.

- Paul Kilfoil
  Cape Town
  South Africa

Me (Paul), my wife (Karen) and son (Scott)
outside Carcassonne in France in 2004

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