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Miscellaneous Web Links 27 August 2017

The following is a list of web sites that I think are very impressive.

Name URL Description
AlternativeTo   AlternativeTo   A superb site that lists several alternatives for almost every commercially available, free or shareware software tool.
CricInfo   The most comprehensive source of cricket information available. The full scorecard of every first-class cricket match ever played can be viewed. All international matches are covered live, with ball-by-ball commentary. Since being taken over by ESPN the site has unfortunately become rather saturated with irritating advertisements, but the quality of the cricket data simply cannot be matched anywhere else on the internet.
Duck Duck Go   If you've become as annoyed with Google as I have then Duck Duck Go is the search engine to use. They don't track what you do, record copious statistics against your online identity and hit you with non-stop advertisments. Duck Duck Go are now what the Google search engine used to be - simple, fast and efficient, and their search results are just as good as Google's. If you need more convincing, have a look at the blog I wrote in March 2012.
Gizmo's Freeware   www.TechSupport.....   An absolutely amazing site where every conceivable kind of free software product is listed, reviewed and rated. They have "top 10" lists of almost everything, so if you're looking for the best tool for a particular job and are overwhelmed by the choice of products available, check this site out and you'll probably find the answer here.
Karen Gray-Kilfoil   www.animalBusin.....   My wife (Karen Gray-Kilfoil), who is one of the foremost animal behaviourists in South Africa. She has written and self-published two books and often appears on radio station "phone-in" programmes as a guest.
Animal Business Network   www.animalBusin.....   A site containing comprehensive details of everybody involved with dogs, cats and horses in the Western Cape of South Africa - from curing of behaviour problems to breeding to training to rearing to feeding.
Loot Online   The best online bookstore in South Africa. Everything they sell (books, CDs, DVDs) is cheaper than anywhere else and their ordering and delivery system is outstanding. See my blog from February 2010.
Nine Planets   A fantastic general interest astronomy site, containing all manner of facts and figures about the Solar System and everything in it. The site was launched several years ago (when there were indeed nine planets in the Solar System), and has retained the same name even though Pluto is no longer classified as a planet - today the Solar System contains eight planets and five dwarf planets. It is extremely unlikely that more planets will ever be added to this list, but additional dwarf planets will almost certainly be discovered in the future.
Page2RSS   A Google service that allows you to monitor any web site on the internet for changes, and notify you via RSS (really simple syndication) whenever anything new is added. Many popular web sites are already monitored, in which case an RSS hyperlink is provided.
parkrun   Free weekly timed 5 kilometre runs all over world, open to absolutely anybody with no restriction. "parkrun" routes are typically through parkland, public open space or other non-urban areas. If you want to know more, have a look at the blog I wrote in May 2014.
PasteBin   A simple service that allows you to save text onto the internet so that it is publicly accessible by anybody. No registration is needed (although you can register) and any text can be saved - stories, program code, jokes, messages, whatever. It is called "PasteBin" because the text to be saved is typically copied and pasted via the user's clipboard.
The Man in Seat 61   The most comprehensive, thorough and up-to-date information about worldwide train travel. It is divided into sections, with pages for each country that has a functioning passenger rail system. Do not embark on any train journey in the world without reading up on it here. Amazingly, the entire site is maintained by one person in his private capacity!
The Scenic South   www.scenicSouth.....   A site dedicated to all aspects of living in the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town in South Africa. It includes coverage of Lakeside, Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Clovelly, Fish Hoek, Glencairn, Simon's Town, Sun Valley, Kommetjie, Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Noordhoek and the areas surrounding these suburbs.
TripAdvisor   A great resource for independent reviews of hotels, guest houses, campsites and resorts all over the world. If you're thinking of staying somewhere, search for the place on TripAdvisor and see what previous guests have said about it. TripAdvisor also hosts a comprehensive set of forums where people post travel-related questions and answers.
Wikipedia   A free online encyclopedia. The contents can be edited by anybody.
WikiTravel   A free online world travel guide. The contents can be edited by anybody.
World Standards   A privately maintained site containing all manner of interesting and useful facts about various standards across the world, such as electrical plugs and sockets, alphabets, languages, internet domain suffixes and so on.
ZDNet   An excellent site for technical news, product reviews and free software downloads. All the latest shareware and freeware computer software can be downloaded from here - you can find utilities to do virtually anything on any operating system.

Have a look at these sites and let me know if you thought they were worth a visit.

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