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I started this blog on 22 February 2010 with a comment on the excellent service provided by Loot Online, a shopping web site based in Cape Town, South Africa (you can read this original post here). Thereafter I simply wrote about anything that piqued my interest, as and when this happened and I had sufficient motivation (and time), but later I started categorizing my posts and I set myself the goal of publishing at least 12 entries each calendar year ... which I've successfully managed to do, although it's been close a couple of times.

Blog History
My tally of blogs per
year is as follows:
  2010 6 
  2011 6 
  2012 16 
  2013 17 
  2014 12 
  2015 13 
  2016 12 
  2017 12 
  2018 (so far) 6 

  Total 100 

On 22 February 2015, exactly five years after I wrote my first blog post, I published my 61'st entry (a commentary on the journey I'd been on during the previous five years). It is now three years later and I have reached another milestone - one hundred blog posts.

Unfortunately I have realized over time that my writings and opinions are not widely read and it is very unlikely that they ever will be - there is simply too much competition on the internet for the limited time people have available for reading blogs. To get and keep readers you need to make sure that you are high up on all the search engines' ranking lists (not just Google), a task that requires dedicated and continuous effort. In fact, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, as this is called) has become a skill in its own right, with "optimizers" looking for every possible trick to push their web sites higher up the search results lists, and search engines creating ever more sophisticated algorithms to ensure that they serve up the content that people are looking for. I simply don't have the time for this battle, so I've accepted that I'll lose out.

The other problem I have is that my blogs cover a variety of subjects, not just one. This is a liability - to be successful, web sites should focus on one specific subject, and new content about that subject should be loaded daily. I cannot write new stories that quickly (this blog is just a hobby for me) and I have interests in too many things to limit myself just to (say) travelling.

So if you're reading this, thank you for having chosen my web site from amongst all the tens of millions of other choices out there! You're in a fairly small but (I like to think) select group and your interest is appreciated ...

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