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The Pantry in Tokai

Tokai Junction shopping centre underwent major renovations several years ago, when a previously dismal and shabby set of shops was transformed into a more modern retail offering. An excellent coffee shop opened at the same time but for some reason it didn't do well and after a couple of years it closed. Another coffee outlet tried to make a go of it in the same location and also failed. The space where they'd been remained empty for a while until a takeaway pizza place opened its doors there. It has been a success but can hardly be said to enhance your experience at this shopping centre ...

I visited Tokai Junction recently and was surprized to discover that a new coffee shop had opened, virtually in the same place that the previous two had been. But they've done something different - they've constructed their own, separate little building in the open area where previously there had been chairs, tables and umbrellas. Entirely enclosed in glass, this building is small and cosy and will almost certainly be more popular than the outside tables, which were always windy and a little unpleasant. The new place is simply called The Pantry, and serves coffee, cakes, pies, pastries and light meals. There is also free wifi.

I had coffee and breakfast at The Pantry and both were excellent. The coffee was strong and was served in a tall mug; it might even have been a triple shot. The breakfast was good, but could not compare to the "millionaire's shortbread" biscuit I had afterwards, which was a decadent treat of epic proportions. My second coffee was just as good as the first.

I wish The Pantry all the best and hope they prove more successful than their two predecessors ... I'll be visiting them again very soon.

The Pantry
Tokai Junction Shopping Centre
Corner of Main & Tokai Roads
Western Cape
South Africa
(Phone) +27 21 712 6599

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