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My wife and I both have our own web sites, and I manage several web sites on behalf of clients of mine. After years of doing this and trying various hosting service providers, I now do everything though Absolute Hosting, a company based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Some of Absolute Hosting's Windows server offerings

When I first started using them in November 2011, Absolute Hosting were known as Server Admins. Their web hosting offerings weren't much different from many other companies, but I quickly found that their service was excellent, their billing was meticulously correct and, most importantly, none of my web sites ever went down and their servers were consistently fast and reliable. At one point I even went through the pain of moving a domain from another hosting provider to Server Admins, and I was very glad I did. Server Admins had everything I needed, from simple hosting on a shared server with no databases to high end, professional hosting on dedicated servers with Microsoft SQL Server. In-between they had various packages using MySQL (a free database) and any of the major server-side scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, Java, Python or Ruby. What I really liked was that even their cheapest Windows hosting packages provided for the latest version of Microsoft ASP.NET.

In 2017 Server Admins changed their name to Absolute Hosting, and at the same time performed a major upgrade to all their hosting options. They introduced Solid State Drives (SSD) on their servers and, amazingly, REDUCED their prices! The simplest hosting option (meaning web pages but no database) at Absolute Hosting now costs as little as Nine Rand a month ... Yes, that's NINE South African Rands, less than ONE US Dollar per month. That is a staggeringly small amount to pay for the sophistication of a web site hosted on a server with an SSD drive.

I switched my personal web site over to one of their new SSD offerings, and was astounded at the improvement in speed. Incredible as it may seem, my site now loads almost as fast over the internet as it does on my local machine (I have my site on my own PC and always check all changes locally first before uploading them to the Absolute Hosting server)! It seems impossible, but that really is how fast it is ...

I am simply in awe of what Absolute Hosting do, and would not even consider hosting a web site anywhere else. These guys are absolutely incredible. So if you are looking for a web hosting company for a new web site, or maybe you're unhappy with the poor service you're getting from your current ISP, I recommend Absolute Hosting without reservation. I guarantee you will be impressed.

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